Pacific Group’s Four Season Plans

Mount Washington Alpine Resort has weathered a solid winter under new ownership with Pacific Group Resorts Inc., and is making small steps toward turning the Resort into a full four-season facility. 

New ownership on Mount Washington were impressed with the abundance of snow for the Winter 201 /16 Ski Season. Photo: Neil Havers
New ownership on Mount Washington were impressed with the abundance of snow for the Winter 201 /16 Ski Season.

Pacific Group Resorts is a large company that likes to operate on the local level. They operate four ski and snowboard resorts and four golf courses in the United States. They are an affiliate of Pacific Group, known for their planned base facilities and villages in numerous resort communities, including Whistler.One only has to look at Wintergreen Resort, one of PGRI’s newest American properties in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to see the possibilities of PGRI’s vision.

When PGRI bought Wintergreen Resort in Virginia (Feb. 2015), seller James C. Justice II expressed confidence in both the Company and its real estate arm, EPR Properties. 

“EPR and Pacific Group Resorts are experts in the ski business,” said Justice II, President and CEO for James C. Justice Companies. “They are going to be able to execute the long-term vision for property owners, members and guests of Wintergreen. We’re excited about our partnership and the future development possibilities of Grassy Ridge.”

Grassy Ridge is a 400-acre site beside the ski resort that Justice retained in the sale. Wintergreen is an 11,000-acre, four-season resort located 45 minutes southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia

Wintergreen continues to strengthen its four-season reputation under new ownership. “I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and I’ve known the leadership of Pacific Group Resorts for over 20 years,” Wintergreen’s General Manager Hank Thiess said at the time of the purchase. “They have tons of experience in this industry at some of the most iconic resorts in the West. My management team and I are excited for the possibilities this partnership could bring to our members and guests.”

At Mount Washington, PGRI has left day-to-day operation of the Resort to the management team already in place. They’ve made a few changes, like re-opening the Mountain Bike Park for July 2016, and making changes to the food and beverage facilities.

More announcements can be expected for the winter, says Don Sharpe, Director of Business Operations and Marketing. Until then, one only has to look at the possibilities to see what’s in store for Mount Washington.