Dec 1, 2007 | Marmot, Winter 2007

Elusive Sasquatch Caught on Film!

For the first time ever, Sasquatch has been captured on film by a faithful Marmot reader.

The shot, which the reader has willingly shared with The Marmot, is the clearest shot our editorial staff has ever seen.

The witness, who asked to remain nameless, said he “heard a weird barking sound” before the Sasquatch broke out of the trees. The witness had participated in a Sasquatch calling course held last year by the Search for Sasquatch Society, which is why he recognized the sound. Besides footprints, naturalists have never found any proof of Sasquatch at Mount Washington.

In other Sasquatch news, a documentarian in Alberta claims he has discovered a “Bigfoot domicile” or “sylvanic”. In a CanWest News Service article, Todd Standing said he originally began studying Bigfoot to debunk the creature as a myth, but instead has become a believer.

Standing has not publicly revealed where he studied the Sasquatches, saying he is afraid other humans will hunt them down. Standing is collecting signatures for a petition he intends to introduce at the House of Commons in Ottawa. He wants the Federal Government to vote on species protection for bigfoot.

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