Jul 1, 2004 | Marmot, Summer 2004

Mount Washington is on the map!

For the first time ever, the streets at Mount Washington will be properly labeled and indexed on the Comox Valley Street Map, says Carolyn Mulvaney of the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“The previous map we did (in 2001) had a little inset that showed the village and the roads in there, but it wasn’t complete because the names weren’t indexed,” Mulvaney explained. Mount Washington Property Owner Wendy Woodley requested that the street names be added to the index for the new map, Mulvaney said, and the Chamber agreed.

“People may come in here and have an address of a relative or a certain piece of real estate…if it’s not on the map we may not even know where the street is.”

The Resort’s myriad recreational activities are also labeled on the new Comox Valley Recreation Map, put out this year by Comox Valley Tourism (CVT).

“There’s such an all-season offering there,” says CVT marketing co-ordinator Meaghan Cursons. “It’s important to show (Mount Washington) as a destination. You’re not just going to a singular business, you’re going to a place where you can experience myriad things,” she said.

The Resort offers both paid activities and an experience with nature that doesn’t cost a cent: breathtaking views of Georgia Strait, hiking in Paradise Meadows and mountain biking, Cursons said. “It’s just way too good to leave off any map.”

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