Dec 1, 2005 | Marmot, Winter 2005

Mount Washington Ski Club

The club’s aim is to provide a high quality and affordable competitive ski program.

The club’s aim is to provide a high quality and affordable competitive ski program that:

• Builds character and self-esteem in participants
• Recognizes different ski abilities and interests as part of the skill development process
• Encourages individuals to achieve their highest potential
• Recognizes the importance of a fun environment in everything they do • Develops and reinforces the importance of learning as a member of a team

In order to foster their participants’ unique interests and skills the Club is divided into a number of different programs:

Allan Nancy Green Ski League
E1: Ages 6-8 E2: Ages 9-12

Juvenile Racing Program
K1: Ages 11-12 K2: Ages 13-15

Junior Racing Program
Ages 15 and up

Free Ride
Ages 11-16


The philosophy is to encourage participation, interaction and the development of technical skiing in an exciting and motivating atmosphere without the pressure of intense competition. Skiers are grouped by ability with consideration to age and led by professional Coaches. Coaches follow the Alpine Canada ‘Snow Stars’ program – a seven-step skills progression program specifically designed for children of this age group.


This program is for skiers who want accelerated training and the added challenge and learning opportunities that competition brings. All juvenile programs start the first week of September with dry-land physical training. On-snow training begins as soon as possible and takes place every Saturday and Sunday, as weLL as through Christmas and Spring Breaks. Training is also available on Mondays and Fridays, parents and school permitting.


This program is designed to create great all mountain skiers! Participants will ski all terrain, steeps, groomed, bumps, park and may even spend some time in the gates. This program is for the intermediate to advanced skier (11-16 years) who does not want to compete but wish to continue to learn in a fun, exciting, team atmosphere.

$100 per family

Every family in the club pays a yearly membership fee to cover cabin maintenance as well as Provincial Membership Fees for parent(s). Club members built the cabin, located at the base of the Eagle Quad chair, and the Ski Club families are welcome to dry out, eat lunch or rest in the cabin.

Please go to the Ski Club’s website for details on the costs of the programs.

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