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Mount Washington Ski Clubs

Mount Washington Ski Club creates all-mountain skiers

Last season was a huge shot in the arm for skiing on Vancouver Island: new ownership at Mount Washington Alpine Resort and great snow equaled a rebirth of skiing at the Resort. “The energy was also felt in the Mt Washington Ski Club,” Head Coach John Trimmer said. “Our Programs had solid numbers and our competitive athletes had some great results.”

The Club had a low key off-season, only running one on-snow camp in the summer and another in the fall. This was deliberate, Trimmer said, as it allowed Ski Club kids to participate in other activities and sports. “We are huge believers in the need for multi-sport involvement in children,” he said. “Strong physical literacy gives them the foundations to enjoy sport for a lifetime.”

Fall was full of e-mails and calls from people asking about the Club’s Programs. Trimmer said he spent a lot of time explaining that the Club offers myriad programs for all levels of skiers.

“One of the biggest misconceptions that I hear from people is that the Club is all about racing,” he said. “While there is no doubt that we are a Race Club, our main focus at all levels is to create great skiers, in all terrain and snow conditions. A great skier is one who is balanced and athletic on their skis, someone who has the ability to turn wherever and whenever they want, or need to,” he added.

Coaches use gates and other turning aids in all their programs as tools to help create solid fundamentals, accelerate skill development and increase fun. “Skiing is a lifelong sport and learning strong fundamentals will allow kids to be safe and have fun for a lifetime,” Trimmer added.

For more info on the Club’s Programs, go online to or call 250-897-6058.


Freestyle Club carves out niche on Mount Washington

The Mount Washington Freestyle Ski Club is Vancouver Island’s only Ski Program focusing on Moguls, Slopestyle and big mountain skills. “In a team environment kids will learn turn carving, jumping, rails and mogul skiing in one of the Province’s best all-round Ski Programs available for all levels of Freestyle Skiing,” says MWFSC President Roy Krejci.

“Our Club offers competitive, development and beginning freestyle Programs. (We) provide a fun, safe skiing experience for competent skies six years old and up. Certified training in all freestyle disciplines will give skiers a well-rounded set of skills.”

The Freestyle Club hosted the Provincial Timber Tour and BC Freestyle Championships last spring, where more than 120 skiers from around the Province competed in the third and final of a series of Provincial Freestyle Events. The Club had just six weeks to prepare for the Provincials, as they were originally slated to take place at a different Resort.

“It couldn’t have happened without the support of the crew from Mount Washington Alpine Resort, the parents, the volunteers from other hills, and the mountain staff,” MWFSC president Roy Krejci said.

For more info on the MWFSC, check them out online at

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