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Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol

The Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol Association is a non-profit Association with associate ties with the National Ski Patrol in the USA since adopting the Outdoor Emergency Care Technician Program as their primary first aid training standard.

The Volunteer Patrol consists of two sections… Alpine and Nordic, which includes approximately 100 patrollers in addition to a small number of associate members who offer specialized services to the patrol.

Volunteers Make Winter Fun Safer for All!

The Mount Washington Ski Patrol Association (MWSPA) is a volunteer organization that works in partnership with the paid/professional ski patrol to make Mount Washington a safer place to ski and snowboard, and enjoy other winter activities.

Brad MacIver, current President for the MWSPA, states that “the Association is continuing to improve and expand services through increasing efforts in recruitment and retention, raising standards of patient care through education programs and skill development while having fun in the process.

A large part of what we do involves providing members with opportunities for personal and professional growth through public service. During the winter we work closely with Mount Washington Alpine Resort’s paid staff to promote safe use of the slopes, hazard control and extrication, transport and emergency care, as required.”

Members of the Ski Patrol Association must have successfully completed a recognized 80 hour advanced emergency first-aid program, and must ensure re-certification to remain current with their first aid skills. Members must be advanced skiers, comfortable skiing or riding in all terrains in all conditions. Ski testing is conducted annually by a third party. Members participate in a mandatory indoor/outdoor training weekend at the mountain at the end of October, and follow up with outdoor training in November. Once the ski season starts, members regularly update training in avalanche skills, skiing skills, and advanced first aid.

The Team represents a broad range of skill sets; members include paramedics, nurses, search and rescue technicians, first aid instructors, college professors, teachers, retirees, and students. Members come from all across Vancouver Island to donate thousands of volunteer hours per year serving people involved in winter sports at Mount Washington.

In addition to serving the public throughout the winter on the ski slopes, patrol members have also assisted at the 2010 Olympics, Vancouver Island Music Festival, summer road and mountain biking events, the Filberg Festival, and, most recently, the BC Senior Games in Comox Valley and Campbell River in September 2010.

Members must commit to a minimum of four duty days a month at the mountain during the ski season.

Training, recruitment and retention of members in good standing in order to maintain a professional united and strong volunteer organization dedicated to public service.

To provide exceptional service in promoting and providing public safety and outdoor emergency care.

As health care professionals and voluntary service providers we are committed to:

• Care, Compassion and Respect
• Quality and Excellence
• Competence and Knowledge
• Partnership and Collaboration
• Integrity, Accountability and Ethics
• Creativity and Innovation
• Pride and Recognition
• Diversity
• Public Focus and Integration
• Sustainability

For more information on our organization or if you are interested in volunteering as a ski patrol please go to

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