Dec 1, 2005 | Marmot, Winter 2005

Mountain Biking and Weddings over the top in Summer, 2006

Summer was good. We particularly saw huge growth in mountain biking related activities. The mountain biking side of the business grew 55 per cent over last year, and there were almost twice as many mountain bike season’s passholders in 2005 than the previous year.

Bonell attributed the bigger numbers to the Resort focusing on maintaining the biking trails every day. She also said having two chairlifts dedicated to mountain bikers, complete with a special attachment to transport the bikes up the hill, has helped grow that side of the business. The mountain bike events were also quite successful.

We’re really making efforts on the trails on the mountain and we’re getting good feedback from the mountain bikers. We’re running two chairlifts so there’s no lift lines,” she added.

Horseback riding was as popular as ever, and the mini-golf course attracted lots of families.

All our events (the WineFest, Chocolate Fest, BeerFest, etc.) are working really well,” she said, adding that the marketing department will look at expanding summertime events next year.

Another good marriage for the Resort’s summer season has been hosting weddings at Raven Lodge. “We’re now booking Raven Lodge into 2007,” Bonell said. Feedback from wedding parties is that the Resort is such a stellar setting; people are getting married on the peak as well as at the picturesque Raven Lodge.

Raven Lodge is really the setting of choice,” she said. “It’s been a nice addition for us.’

A new trend this year for weddings was bookings on Fridays and Sundays, as well as the traditional Saturday ceremonies. The Resort responded with Sunday brunches to take advantage of the weekend wedding parties with average crowds of 100 people.

So there’s some good spin-offs from weddings. It’s really opening people’s eyes to the facilities up here, people who might not otherwise have come on up.”

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