Dec 1, 2001 | Marmot, Winter 2001

Mt. Washington Guest House by Julia Perrie

Charming and Comfortable are words not often associated with shared accommodation but they definitely apply to the brand new Mt.Washington Guest House.

Situated conveniently on Foster’s Place, it is easy to locate by the sign posted above the front door. There are no squeaky beds or rusty furniture; no old carpets or musty smells that normally permeate shared lodgings. Instead, you will find the welcoming warmth of a scrupulously clean, bright, high quality Guest House that invites you to sit down and stay a while.

John and Sue Twose own and live in the Guest House. Originally from the Southwest of England, they immigrated to Canada in 1992. The idea of running a Guest House on Mt Washington was an exciting prospect they couldn’t pass up. As Sue put it, “We’ve travelled extensively throughout the world and often stayed in guest houses or hostels. They provided us with affordable accommodation in convenient locations and we’ve met some really fabulous people. Besides,” Sue was quick to point out, “I couldn’t think of anywhere nicer to live than Mt Washington.”

What is a Guest House? A Guest House is exactly what the name implies. It is a house for guests. You will be provided with a bed to sleep in, a place to store your food, prepare your meals and socialize with other “guests”. The protocol of guest houses is that all guests are expected to clean up after themselves. Since this is community living, your stay will be much more enjoyable for both yourself and the other guests, if you wash your dishes and leave things the way you found them. The same holds true for the bathrooms.

Since this is not a hostel, the international hostelling card is not required. Just you’re your reservation, then come and play!

Where is it located? 1203 Fosters Place. This is a drive-to, cul-de-sac that is conveniently situated on an Alpine access slope. The Alpine Lodge is a short 10-minute walk away. Additionally, it is close to Nordic Skiing, Snow shoeing and the new Raven Lodge.

What facilities do you have? A spacious hot tub is available to the guests nightly from 5pm to 7pm. Games, books, puzzles and coin-operated laundry are also provided. However, it should be noted that the Guest House does not have a television.

Why no TV? As Sue says, “I’m trying to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages communal camaraderie between guests. You really have to experience this type of accommodation to fully understand how lovely it is.”

How do I check-in? There is an office located right inside the front door of the Guest House. The hours are 8:30am to 11am and 4:00pm to 9pm daily.

Where do I get my key? There are no keys other than those for your private padlocks. All doors are operated by way of a security-encoded lockbox. The code is frequently changed for security reasons.

What about late checkout? If you need to check out late there is secured storage available for your belongings. Naturally you will be expected to vacate your room and you can pick up your belongings during business hours later in the day.

How many bedrooms are there? There are six bedrooms and four bathrooms arranged in various configurations to accommodate singles, couples, families and larger groups.

Could I rent the whole house for my large group? Yes you can. For groups of up to 30 people but keep in mind that the hosts live in the property so it will not be the same as renting a private chalet.
What are the prices? As with all rental properties on the mountain there is high season and low season pricing. You can book per bed or per family room. Prices start at $17.00 per head and go up from there.

How can I pay? Visa, Cash, Travellers cheques are all accepted. In addition it should be noted that you will be expected to provide photo identification at the time of check-in, so make sure you have your driver’s license, passport or country identity cards handy.

Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels? Sheets are provided and towels can be rented. It’s best to bring your own towels. Sleeping bags are not permitted. Should you need extra blankets they are available upon request.

What about cooking? The kitchen is open until 11pm every night and you are welcome to use the dishes, pots and pans that are provided there. However, you are expected to clean up after yourself.

After 11pm the kitchen is closed.

Where do I store my skis and snowboards? There is storage available on the main level. Secured storage for your ski and snowboarding equipment and wet clothing is handy in the large utility room.

Is smoking allowed? No

What are the rules? At check-in you will be given a list of rules that are designed for the benefit of everyone sharing the Guest House. They include items such as: no pets, no food in the bedrooms and no hard liquor (beer and wine are permitted).

We’re looking for a rockin’ party palace. Do you have any rules against this? Since quiet time is enforced from 11pm to 7am and since no alcohol is allowed in the bedrooms, it would be pretty hard to have a party here. Also, there are many families currently booked. Socializing is highly encouraged but not swinging from the light fixtures.

What about security? Will my belongings be safe while I’m out? There are lockers in every room. One locker per person. Padlocks for the lockers are available with a $5.00 deposit that will be returned to you when you return the lock.

Do you recycle? There are recycling bins just off the kitchen where you can place items such as clean cans, newspapers etc. The bins are all marked and are emptied by your hosts on a regular basis. “We encourage all our guests to recycle.” Says Sue.

When you are looking for lodgings that are affordable, convenient and fun, the Mt Washington Guest House offers you something completely different!

For more information on the Mt Washington Guest House please visit their web site at:

Reservations: 250-898-8141

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