Dec 1, 2003 | Marmot, Winter 2003

Need a Boost?

Help will be close at hand this winter on Mount Washington.

After spending many years in the chain rental trailer at the base of the ski hill and witnessing drivers in distress, Dennis Garnier says there is a need to have a tow truck at Mount Washington. So he and his son, Cody, have started Marmot Towing.

“I felt there was a need,” says Garnier. “There were a lot of people requesting services like tows and boosts and tire changes. Sometimes they had to wait quite a while for someone to come.”

Marmot Towing will be based at the chain-up area at the bottom of the ski hill. Their coverage area will be Strathcona Parkway from the Inland Island Highway turn-off to the Alpine Resort parking lots. I think being able to respond quickly to the customer keeps that customer happier,” Garnier said.

Aside from helping drivers in distress, Marmot Towing is also working with Mount Washington Resort and with the stratas to tow vehicles that are parked illegally. Garnier said he will also work with Emcon, the company that has taken over government road maintenance (and plowing) duties from Mainroad Contracting.

This is a new venture for the Garniers, although Dennis has operated the chain rental business for many years and provided security services to the mountain. Cody took his wreckmaster’s course last spring in Vancouver and also carries a Class 1 air ticket. Garnier will also hire a second driver. “We’ll be operating 24/7,” he said.“It’s a real public service benefit,” said Mount Washington General Manager Peter Gibson.

Marmot Towing will have back-up service from Comox Valley Dodge, which has a new tow truck as well as a five-ton recovery truck ideal for dealing with larger vehicles. Both tow trucks are four-wheel drive, although the five-ton truck isn’t, Garnier said.

Marmot Towing started sharing a regular RCMP rotation with Comox Valley Dodge in November; that means the RCMP call them out whenever they need a “hook”. Towing duties are shared between local companies on a regular rotation, Garnier explained.

If you need a tow, call Marmot Towing at (250) 335-2803. The call will be forwarded to the tow truck.

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