Jan 1, 2001 | Marmot, Summer 2001

New Lift Lines Cut

New Lift Lines Cut While work continues on Raven Lodge, plans are going ahead to replace the Red Chairlift.

Resort staff has cut a line of sight from the base to the proposed unloading area, which is where the Raven run spins off the Westerly. “We‚ve cut the line and had it surveyed. We‚re now getting quotes from three different lift manufacturers,” Gibson said. There is an ongoing debate among Resort staff whether the new lift should be a quad or a “six-pack” ? a six-seater. A new run has been marked, too; and the new unloading area will mean skiers and boarders can make better use of the old red chair run. All this is very much up in the air, Gibson said. No date has been set for the new lift, but “we‚d like to see this lift up and running as soon as possible. “What the new red will do:right now we have a major congestion with Freeway coming down and crossing runs. With the new red, Freeway will be eliminated.” The new red will also give skiers better access to Powderface and the Glades. And for the novice and intermediate skier, it will open up a lot more lower-end terrain, higher up. “And the higher up you go, the better the snow.”

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