Jul 1, 2004 | Marmot, Summer 2004

New Resort Postal Code

V9J 1L0 - It's Canada's newest postal code, and it represents a growing community on top of one of the Island's oldest land features: Mount Washington.

Those three letters and three numbers can now be found in Canada Post’s listing of addresses and the location is formally known as “Mount Washington, B.C.”

“Having a postal code, with its inherent postal outlet, is an integral part of our progression,” says Jay Oddleifson, Director of Property Development. Oddleifson is facilitating the Resort’s move to Resort Community Status.

“We have a growing community of full-time residents that call the Resort home, so we’re meeting a few growth needs with one stone,” he said.
John Twose, who has lived on the mountain for three years, is happy to be able to pick up his mail at the Resort’s Alpine Lodge, rather than having to drive into town. Twose runs Mt. Washington Guest House, while his wife oversees Strathcona Bed and Breakfast.

“I love it,” Twose said while picking up his mail on a recent Sunday. “We can always pick up the mail anytime the Alpine Lodge is open. “In the winter, we can go skiing for a few hours, pick the mail up, have a few beers then go home.” Everything is within walking distance.

Chris Dennis is the Postal Outlet Manager at Mount Washington. “Our new mechanical stamp is complete with a version of our logo that incorporates the three peaks that compose Mount Washington, so letters and packages sent from here will certainly have a unique look to them,” she said.
“And despite the fact that we’re on top of a mountain, the customer can send their mail anywhere that Canada Post delivers. They can also purchase any of the memorabilia that Canada Post has available, including collector stamps and the like.”

The post office also offers mail services such as Express Post, packages and the like.

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