Dec 1, 2007 | Marmot, Winter 2007

Nocturnal Nordics?

The 2007-08 ski season will be a quiet one for the Strathcona Nordics compared to last year, when the club played a big role in hosting the International Paralympic Committee World Cup.

“This is a much quieter year for us on the mountain competition-wise,” Len Apedaile said. “We aren’t hosting any major competitions.” The club will oversee some B.C. Winter Games trials at the end of December, the usual Coast Cup race in early March and the VI Loppet, the last on the Provincial and National calendars, at the end of March. Also in March, some of the Club’s officials will go to the Callaghan Valley near Whistler and work at the Canadian Nationals.

The big news for the Nordics is the installation of lighting in the Stadium and Biathlon areas as well as some of the new racing trails – and the sprint loop – created for the IPC World Cup. Down the road, if there is enough interest, the Nordics may look at running a full night program. “It’s going to be great for us,” coach Dave Battison said. “In the past we’ve had to ski with our headlamps on. It’s hard to do tech because you can’t see them. The biggest thing is we’re just going to be able to see each other.”

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