Dec 1, 2011 | Marmot, Winter 2011

Photo Bombing Sasquatch

These bad boys aren’t camera shy! Three European tourists got the shock of their lives when they downloaded their digital cameras last summer following a visit to Mount Washington Alpine Resort.

What they thought were vacation photos of family members posed in front of pretty alpine scenery revealed pictures of a Vancouver Island sasquatch. In one of the photos, taken just below the summit of the Mile High Chairlift, a sasquatch can be seen peering around the side of a large tree trunk.

In another, snapped on Father’s Day during the Resort’s first record-breaking summer skiing event, two sasquatches (one significantly larger than the other) can be seen ducking into the treeline alongside the Eagle Express.

One of them is turned back towards the camera, and it doesn’t take much imagination to think the creature is looking right at the camera. “It seems Sasquatch has taken up the new trend of photobombing,” one of the tourists said through a translator.

Photobombing, according to Urban Dictionary, is the process of dropping into a photo unexpectedly, or someone hopping into a picture right before it is taken – often without the subject’s knowledge.

While others laughingly call it “the fine art of ruining other people’s photographs”, the tourists were actually delighted. Not many people have proof that sasquatch exists on Mount Washington, but they can tell their friends that they do.

A Swiss cryptozoologist who looked at the photos is puzzled by the sasquatches’ behavior. “They are not usually that bold,” he told The Marmot.

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