Dec 1, 2003 | Marmot, Winter 2003

Play It Safe This Winter!

Welcome to the snow zone. There is more to your winter wonderland than fun. Freezing temperatures mean black ice and snow can accumulate quickly into a thick blanket that camouflages everything beneath it.

Mount Washington enjoys a variety of accommodation, from condos in the village to chalets on Foster’s Place and it is imperative that everyone remains vigilant about the safety of others around property they own or are renting. Accidents occur on a regular basis and injuries can be very serious. Here are a few tips to help you keep your accommodation safe for your family and friends:

Lighting is vital. Do not allow any areas, especially entrances to remain dark. Keep your exterior entrance light on all night in case of impromptu visitors.

Remove any item around the perimeter of your dwelling that a person could stumble over. Especially items, which could impede someone from reaching your front door.

Use salt on all paved areas. This includes driveways and walkways.

Shovel snow off walkways quickly so it doesn’t have a chance to build up.

If the snow builds up and turns solid with an icy topcoat, break it up to prevent a skating rink effect.

Watch for snow building up on the roof or overhangs. It can slide off very quickly and bury you in seconds.

Do not toboggan in areas between chalets. Snow often slides off the roofs and you run the risk of losing control and slamming into the building or sliding out onto the road.

Park your car well off the roadways so the road crew can clear the road.

If it has been snowing for a few days straight, move your car so the snow can be cleared from around it.

If you must walk on the roads, WATCH for traffic. Sometimes vehicles just can’t stop even if the drivers want to.

Keep flashlights and candles in case of power outages.

And finally, keep your dog on a leash and out of kindness, please pick up its poop.

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