Dec 1, 2013 | Marmot, Winter 2013

Possible Sasquatch Midden Unearthed at site of expanded Tube Park!

Summer grounds crews at Mount Washington Alpine Resort have uncovered more possible evidence that a family of sasquatch has been expanding on the grounds at the Resort for generations.

Grounds crews spent the summer creating a new and expanded tube park in front of the Alpine Lodge, by the Learning Centre. When the earthmovers were in to restore the old Ozone Tube Park to a ski run, they dug up what cryptozoologists think is a sasquatch midden.

A worker, who did not want to be named, scooped up some dirt that was filled with detritus that cryptozoologist Bili Ufiti, surmises is garbage and old tools.

A midden is an archaeological term meaning a mound containing shells, animal bones or other refuse.

Oyster shells were found in this particular midden, suggesting the Salish Sea was quite a bit higher at one time or that the Sasquatch were very good hikers.

Ufiti had the items in the midden verified by an expert who said they were not used by homo sapiens. The tooth marks on the oyster shells suggest a larger primate bite pattern. He hopes that one day the items will be considered artifacts and can be put on display, however, they are being kept in a safe place for further analysis. Ufiti did not want to delay construction of the tube park any longer than necessary, so only a quick testing was done.

A hardcore tube park fan, who was at the Resort to watch the construction and witnessed the unearthing of the midden, was excited to think that she had been tubing over a piece of history for the past eight years.

“Very cool,’ she said, declining to give her name. “Just think: that means sasquatch have probably been inhabiting Mount Washington long before the first chairlift was ever installed, and the first ski run ever developed… Gnarly!’

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