Jan 1, 2018 | Marmot, Winter 2017

Resort Association Moving Forward with Key Initiatives

With a new website, a resounding response to its Stakeholder Survey, and winter marketing plans in place the Mount Washington Resort Association (MWRA) has undertaken a hive of recent activity.
Over the summer MWRA launched it’s new website.

Over the summer MWRA launched its new website at DiscoverMountWashington.com. The site was designed to capture the mountain atmosphere, things to do, and places to stay, and will be the call to action for various MWRA marketing and communication initiatives, while the Vancouver Island VisitorCentre is supporting interested mountain visitors with real time Q&A support during its seven-day-a-week operations.

Given the Mount Washington area is an integral part of the Comox Valley, how it develops and thrives in future years matters to a broad range of individuals, businesses, user groups and associations. A survey was released in October to capture input and help determine future efforts and stewardship on the mountain. The MWRA, in conjunction with the Comox Valley Economic Development Society (CVEDS), together with the support of a third party contractor, developed the MWRA Stakeholder Survey as part of MWRA’s efforts to consider its future role and priorities. “The MWRA Board believed it was time to completely revaluate its mandate, focus, and structure to best determine its future primary functions as it relates to meeting a range of needs from a wide spectrum of mountain users,” said the MWRA Board of Directors. More than 480 individuals responded to the survey, which provided stakeholders the opportunity to comment on everything from mountain services to community vibrancy. The survey is part of the Invigorate MWRA Project, which will also include open house sessions for interested stakeholders to comment directly on the future of the association.

Keep up to date on news, events and on-mountain activities via the MWRA social media handles: 

Twitter: @TourismMountWashington 

Facebook: Tourism Mount Washington 

Online: DiscoverMountWashington.com

For visitor information, drop by the Vancouver Island Visitor Centre on your way to Mount Washington, located just off of Highway 19 at Exit #117, or call 1-855-400-2882.

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