Jan 1, 2020 | 2020, Marmot

Sasquatch Has Hit The Mainstream

After years of the odd footprint or vocalization being recorded around Mount Washington and northern Vancouver Island, Bigfoot is finally being noticed.
Trailers for the movie can be found on YouTube

A film crew with Millspictures Studios has released Bigfoot Girl, a documentary featuring Campbell River Sasquatch researcher Thomas Sewid and how he helps Kiana Passmore search for Bigfoot in the bush. Trailers for the movie can be found on YouTube.

Sewid, a commercial fisherman turned Indigenous historian and tour guide, conducts Sasquatch expeditions from a research base camp in the bush to the north of Mount Washington Alpine Resort, around Campbell River. A member of the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation, Sewid conducts talks on the Indigenous connection with Sasquatch. Sewid can also be heard on his podcast Sasquatch Island, where he shares stories of encounters on Vancouver Island.

The documentary follows on the heels of a feature in The Toronto Star by writer John Zada, who travelled to Bella Coola to study the numerous reports of Sasquatch in that area of British Columbia’s coastline.

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