Dec 1, 2009 | Marmot, Winter 2009

Sasquatch sightings of Olympic proportions?

Mount Washington Alpine Resort isn’t the only entity on the mountain preparing to host guests prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.

Sasquatch watchers are also eagerly anticipating the arrival of foreign cryptids.

From North America, sasquatch watchers will keep their eyes out for the Nuk-luk (“Man of the Bush”) from the Northwest Territories. This elusive cryptozoological hominid hasn’t been spotted outside the Nahanni National Park Reserve since 1964.

From Arizona, there’s the Mogollon Monster, a bipedal humanoid rumoured to be between six and eight feet tall and covered in black or white hair and beard. If you smell decaying fish while you’re prowling the runs at Mount Washington, you’ve probably just missed the Mogollon.

A “maybe” on the guest list is the Skunk Ape from the Florida Everglades.Although it has also been spotted in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Arkansas, the Everglades claim the Skunk Ape for themselves – stinky disposition and all. But it’s a long way to travel and watchers are unsure whether the ape will make it in time for the practice teams in February.

From across the Arctic Circle, the Chuchunaa, native to Siberia, Russia, is expected to make the trip, although some watchers are puzzled as to how the international cryptids will manage the transportation without drawing attention to themselves.

From Japan, the Hibagon — with its distinctive white hands and large white feet — will be here to cheer on Japan’s winter athletes. Although none of Japan’s teams will be at Mount Washington, the Hibagon will acclimatize itself first at Mount Washington, sasquatch watchers noted.

The Orang Mawas from Malaysia and its Indonesian cousin, the Orang Pendeng will make an appearance, thumbing their noses to critics of officials who in January 2006 launched an official hunt to prove the existence of the Snaggle-toothed Ghost.

The Yeti is a perpetual fan of the Olympics. It is virtually a guarantee that the creature from the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet will make the trek. Besides, the Comox Valley boasts a hockey team nicknamed the “Yeti”.

While it’s obvious where the human competitors will be staying during their sojourn to Mount Washington, sasquatch watchers aren’t sure where the foreign cryptids will be staying.

If you happen to spot one through the trees while cross-country skiing, or taking a run down the Boomerang, please contact the Marmot newspaper with your sighting.

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