Dec 1, 2008 | Marmot, Winter 2008

Sasquatches on the Move?

The Sasquatch, said to inhabit Mount Washington and the nearby Vancouver Island Mountain Range, has ventured farther afield. That is the finding of zoologists who have scoured the mountain in search of evidence.

And while there were less sasquatch sightings around Mount Washington Alpine Resort in the summer, more were reported than ever before in the wilds of Northern B.C.

A woman camping with her husband near Campbell River reported to the Houston, British Columbia Canada (HBCC) UFO Research centre that they encountered a seven-foot-tall, hairy character walking on its hind legs while they were riding their all-terrain vehicles down a logging road on Aug. 31.

“It walked upright like a man swinging long arms by its side,” the witness was reported to have said on the weblog

Experts ponder whether that means the sasquatch is increasing its foraging territory, or whether they’re just tired of snowboarding.

There were three sightings in late July and August in the Houston area, and a self-proclaimed sasquatch hunter from Terrace told his local newspaper that he has a sasquatch footprint cast in his possession – 16 inches long, 10.5 inches wide and with four toe impressions.

Brian Vike, Director of HBCC, told the Houston Today newspaper that a researcher friend of his thinks it has something to do with increased bear sightings. When bears descend from alpine areas to hibernate, it stands to reason that other hairy beasts – such as sasquatches – would do the same, the researcher said.

As for late-summer reports that results from tests on genetic material from alleged remains of a sasquatch are 96 per cent marsupial, one zoologist says “Im-possum-ble.”

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