Jul 1, 2006 | Marmot, Summer 2006

Spirit Sasquatch Rumoured to be Roaming in Strathcona Park

The deep snowpack at Mount Washington has revealed a new secret about the sasquatch that are rumoured to roam the alpine areas: an albino cousin.

The albino species differs from the other white sasquatch, colloquially known as the Abominable Snowman. That particular species has different DNA characteristics.

The albino is related to the brown sasquatch, much like the Kermode or Spirit Bear is white in colour but really related to black bears.

The sasquatch’s winter coating, found to be coarse hairs mostly snow-white in colour, usually turns to a finer, more chocolate brown in the summer. However, this albino cousin’s fur doesn’t appear to change. That makes them more difficult to spot.

Cryptozoologist Sven Yetichercher said it is unusual for the albino sasquatch species to go this long into the season without shedding its winter coat. “It must be pretty hot under all that insulation,” he said puzzledly.

The sasquatch’s footprints have been spotted in some of the more remote areas of the ski hill, including the new Outback terrain; as the thicker parts of the snowpack slowly melt away, the holes left from the creature’s footprints can be seen.

Yetichercher expects there will be more sightings of the brown-coated sasquatches this year as they forage for food in lower elevations. In years when the snowpack melts early, they are seen above the 4,000-foot altitude level. He also predicts this particular species is becoming braver as the year-round population increases at the Resort; the sasquatch is becoming used to seeing humans.

Because not much is known about the eating habits of the sasquatch, Mount Washington property owners are being asked to keep their garbage locked up in an appropriate manner – just in case.

Meanwhile, crews doing some excavation for new development at Mount Washington were tight-lipped about a fossil find, but the Marmot has learned it might possibly be connected to the albino species. No sources were willing to be quoted for the article.

For more information and an opportunity to hear sasquatch sound files go to www.bfro.net

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