Dec 1, 2002 | Marmot, Winter 2002

Sunset Pasta Bar breathes new life into old Nordic Centre

Despite the wildly successful opening last year of the Raven Lodge Nordic Facility, the sun has not yet set on the old nordic lodge.

The facility that originally served cross-country skiers at the entrance to Paradise Meadows has been revamped and renamed the Sunset Pasta Bar. ” We’ve done a full renovation of the restaurant itself. Our returning guests can look forward to a fresh, new look,” says Mount Washington Food and Beverage Manager Alfredo Yabut. The pasta bar is a quick-serve concept featuring your choice of hot pasta, sauce, garlic toast and salad for $7.95. There are also extras available, like meatballs and chicken.

“Our intent is a big, hot, fast meal for cheap, and get (customers) back out on the slopes,” Yabut said.

The dining area has been renovated and Yabut has purchased some new equipment in anticipation of opening day. The kitchen can operate with three people, and Yabut says he might bump up his food staff for the pasta bar.

“It’s got great access to the expanded parking lot, given the new lift (The Hawk) is in close proximity. That’s why we’ve chosen to go with a ‘quick-service’ concept,” he said. The Pasta Bar is also open for private Christmas functions in the evenings this year.

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