Jul 1, 2003 | Marmot, Summer 2003

The Kingfisher, WOW! Experience.

There’s something new and exciting happening at the luxurious Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa and it’s definitely not your run of the mill renovation.

Known for its super natural ambience, exquisite views, delectable entrees and heavenly Spa, the Kingfisher Resort provides something for everybody, while consistently maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Partners of the Spa Trail with other world renowned Resorts such as the Empress Hotel in Victoria, the Wickininish Inn at Long Beach and the Aerie just outside Victoria, it is well qualified for its world class status.

What theme parks spend a fortune struggling to simulate, the Kingfisher has carefully selected from local beaches and artfully incorporated into their very own unique showcase of authentic seaside warmth and spa dreams.

Just ask the eagles that swoop down to the beach en mass periodically for dinner, or the blue herons that stand just offshore awaiting their next meal. The food at the Kingfisher Resort is delectable. From the restaurant you look out over the rooftops of the seaside suites. Some visionary cleverly decided to turn those roofs into a simulated beach, complete with driftwood and prepared in such a way you hardly realize you are looking out over a rooftop at all. The dining area is an inviting room that opens out onto a large, bright patio. Where many high-end Resorts add a dash of snobbery to their menu, the Kingfisher Resort has maintained a welcoming atmosphere that makes its guests feel comfortable rather than intimidated.

All of the rooms are designed to bring the outside in, with huge windows that take in the stupendous views of Comox Bay, the Georgia Strait and the snowcapped mainland mountains beyond. The variety of well appointed lodgings range from affordable in the original lodge to the newer seaside selection of guest suites that boast names such as Grand Pacific, Chinook, Orca and Romance.

One of the most enticing attractions at the Kingfisher Resort is its Oceanside Spa. Embraced between the waterfall pool, steam cave and the gentle rush of ocean waves, the Spa is a work of art that has become one of the most sought after features of the Resort. The seascape ambience permeates every corner of this scentsational Spa and there is no reason to wait for a rainy day to enjoy the many treatments available since the Spa also takes in the fabulous oceanic vistas.

In addition to the superb spa treatments currently available, the brand new Pacific Mist Hydropath is an idyllic journey through a series of treatments designed to relax and detoxify your body, while at the same time stimulate your spirit as you leisurely travel through the lush embrace of a series of hand hewn caves embellished with local rainforest vegetation.

Imagine a warm Swiss shower pulsating water over your body from jets carved directly into cave walls, or a variety of water pressures gently soothing away your aches in the Mineral Massage Pool. Enjoy sitting amongst waterfalls and let water play upon your scalp and shoulders. Next, you’ll experience a healthy glow as you are surrounded by aromatic steam before you plunge into a refreshing glacial waterfall.

Your journey continues to the River Walk, a traditional therapy that stimulates blood circulation in the legs.

Combining warm and cool water with targeted massage jets the River Walk produces a “kneipp” effect for legs that has long been used help legs feel lighter and rejuvenated. Your next stop is the Sea Mineral Soak, where you can relax, float and let millions of tiny bubbles soothe your spirit.

Your final stop is the snug, one-person tidal baths. Designed to coat your body with west coast seaweeds and mud, this treatment will help draw toxins from your body and help with toning and healing the skin.

After a warm rinse, wrap up in a heated towel and make your way to the lounge where it is recommended you take 10 to 15 minutes to rest, rehydrate and contemplate the incredible view.

You can choose to make the one hour journey alone or share this unique experience with a few of your friends. Either way, it truly is the stuff dreams are made of.

Since it is more difficult to get spa time than it is to get a room, booking well in advance is highly recommended.

With so much to offer, the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa is the kind of experience that will have you coming back to relive it, again and again.

The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa is located on the Old Island Highway just 7 km south of Courtenay.

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