Increased Media Attention Stymies Sasquatch Sightings

Sasquatch sighting on Mount Washington, Vancouver Island, BCThere were several sightings of the hirsute creature during the Kokanee Snowboarding Festival at Mount Washington Alpine Resort last winter, including one brazen encounter near the front entrance, witnessed by only a few people - none who wanted to go on record with their observations.

Sasquatch investigator Horace Minid says it is unusual to see the bipedal creature so blatantly out in public, especially at Mount Washington. “Sasquatch are basically shy creatures that prefer avoiding human contact,” Minid said.

Sightings at Mount Washington have been few and far between until last spring, he said. Perhaps it’s because the creature’s likeness has been used for Quatchi, one of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games mascots.

One observer surmised that it’s because Sasquatch is getting more exposure in outside markets due to the Kokanee beer “Ranger Live or Die” campaign.

Minid, however, has a more mundane theory. Like deer that wander through downtown streets in Island communities like Comox, the sasquatch that roam the Vancouver Island Mountain Range and Mount Washington are becoming habitualized to humans.

There have been more than 200 sightings of sasquatch in B.C. in the past few years. Canadian folklorist Carole Carpenter once said part of B.C.’s cultural identity included sasquatch.

The Vancouver Olympic Committee’s enthusiastic embrace of the elusive creature is only proof of that, says Minid. He predicts that more sightings will be reported as sasquatch becomes more readily accepted by the general public.

“There has never yet been a family of sasquatches spotted on Mount Washington. Wouldn’t it be ironic for such a family to be living near a Resort that emphasizes family vacations?”