New Resort Staff

Amanda Ridgway - Mount Washington, BCAmanda Ridgway

Amanda Ridgway has completed her first full winter with Mount Washington Alpine Resort, and what a winter it was to be the Resort’s Outdoor Events Co-ordinator.

“I moved to the Island because I wanted to keep riding my bike through the winter,” she said.

Originally from Brisbane, Queensland, Ridgway makes no apologies for her warm-weather pursuits. “I’m very much a summer girl, being from Australia,” she said.

“Like many Australians, I came for the winter and stay for the summer,” she added.

Ridgway became a permanent resident of Canada a few years ago and is currently studying to take her citizenship test.

Ridgway now switches hats to full-time salesperson until the fall, when she will again throw herself into outdoor winter events.

Ridgway represents the Resort on Tourism BC’s mountain bike marketing committee, which promotes B.C. as a world leader in mountain biking. “It’s an amazing opportunity for me,” she said.

In her spare time, Ridgway works as a mountain bike instructor with the Trek Dirt Series, which travels western Canada and the United States teaching women to ride mountain bikes.

She also continues to write a lifestyle column for a publication in Fernie.

Jeanette Kangas art, Mount Washington BCJeanette Kangas

Another new face at the Resort is Jeanette Kangas, the in-house graphic designer. Based in Courtenay, Kangas is a self-taught artist with a diploma in Professional Photography and Desktop Publishing.

When she is not creating graphic art, Kangas enjoys painting with acrylics, according to her personal website.

Her inspirations come from the outdoors: anything alpine to ocean. "Now with my first season behind me in this position (Resort graphic artist), I felt it was really about discovery; getting to know and creating a feel for the mountain's image," Kangas said.

"With that said, I am still excited about the plethora of potential using visual means of building and establishing a playful and strong impression for the Resort."