Dec 1, 2002 | Marmot, Winter 2002

The Top 10 reasons that Mount Washington switched from “Mt.” to ” Mount” when it created a new corporate logo:

A very serious list of reasons!

10 Mt. is so small it gets lost on the Comox Valley map.

9 M. T. Washington sounded too much like a rap deejay.

8 “Mt.” Washington is a national park in New Hampshire; “Mount” Washington is one of the best ski resorts in British Columbia.

7 Since “Mount” is spelled like “about”, Americans have an easier time identifying the resort as Canadian.

6 If Everest can be a Mount, why can’t Washington?

5 Since the Resort is “mounting” a growth plan it seemed only fitting.

4 Mount comes first alphabetically.

3 The longer name confounds the headline writers.

2 The guy who created the Resort’s new logo got paid by the letter.

And the number one reason the Resort changed from “Mt.” to “Mount”…

1 After more than 20 years in operation, and a growing North American reputation, it was time the “Mount” grew up.

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