Jul 1, 2005 | Marmot, Summer 2005

The View From Here

Too many times we reflect on the past and what we should have done ten years ago. Perhaps these are your thoughts ten years from now as you reflect back on your new purchase at Mount Washington this year.

June 30, 2015

Dear Rick,

I just wanted to thank you for selling us our property at Mount Washington ten years ago. It only seems like yesterday!!! Memories can not have prices attached to them but the enjoyment we have had with our Mount Washington home are priceless! Please let us share.

We were nervous about buying back then as it was a lot of money. When we left the lawyer’s office signing the papers, we looked at each other after and thought, “what have we done?”

The first winter we spent trying out our mountain home. We changed some of the furniture and added pictures. We opened up that wall that you had suggested and put in a couple of new windows. Our intention that first year was to rent it 3 out of 4 weekends and stay in it the 4th. We spent EVERY WEEKEND, all of Christmas and Spring Break. It was fabulous. Summer we spent a lot more time then we ever imagined that we would. There is just so much to do up there!

The following is some of our highlights over the past ten years.

• The huge snowfall of 2009 where our kids were jumping off the peak of the roof into 9 feet of fresh powder!
• Being around the Resort as the 2010 Olympics drew near and meeting the incredible athletes that stayed at Mount Washington. Our eldest son (now 16) trained with some of the world’s best Nordic skiers and now is aspiring to be on the Canada Team, with the incredible support of the Strathcona Nordics he will make it.
• Spectacular sunsets and waking up to blankets of fresh white snow.
• Watching the Mount Washington Village grow and expand. Now ten years later it is not “do we go out for dinner” but “where do we go?” We have come up in the off seasons JUST to go out for dinner!
• Being a part of the mountain bike scene and seeing Mount Washington host several international mountain bike races.
• The fondues… and the fun with our many Mount Washington friends that we now wonder what we would do without.
• Watching the management and staff of Mount Washington continually prove their commitment to customer service and making us always feel like members of their family.

The bottom line is that we are so happy that we made this decision ten years ago. Aside from having ten years of fabulous family memories, our investment has also appreciated way beyond what we thought it would. Thanks for selling us our property!


Mr. and Mrs. Buyer 2005

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