Dec 1, 2006 | Marmot, Summer 2006

The View from Here

Wildwood at Strathcona is taking real estate in the Mount Washington area to a new level. This is the first project designed and built to truly take in the four seasons of the area.

They are also the first development to promote themselves as being located directly adjacent to Strathcona Park (approx 60 feet away) with a ski area out the back door! Note: the name is Wildwood at Strathcona-  NOT Wildwood at Mount Washington.

Wildwood is a different recreational home option with an attention to options that will give owners reasons to come in all seasons.

This is just another major step in the Mount Washington area’s positive growth. And it all started some quarter century ago.

I grew up with a family cabin on Forbidden Plateau that had no electricity, no running water and the toilet was an outhouse (a 50 foot slog out in the snow).

Our weekend holiday would start with a 1000-foot trek through waist deep wet snow. Once arriving at our cabin, the wood stove would be started, candles would be lit and finally by the time departure day Sunday came around, we would all be warm and dry!

But at that time, what we had was state of the art! I was so lucky back then to have that opportunity (thanks Mom and Dad).

When  Mount Washington became a reality, and was about to open, the staff at the Resort gave guided tours of their state of the art  flush toilets! You may laugh now, but I can remember traveling up a horrendous dusty trail of a road and going into the public washrooms and marveling at the water swirling down the toilet bowls!

Current day, we get to drive up to the mountain in an incredible storm, on pavement. Upon arrival, we get to drive into an underground parking lot,  load our gear into an elevator and go up to our warm suite that is fully furnished. With a click of a switch the fireplace breathes to life. If one wants,  a remote control for the TV gives one 43 channels of programming. AND if you need it, even telephone and high speed internet is  even available! There are fridges, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, TV’s and almost every creature comfort is available somewhere!  (even some Bidets). Some people even have gas-powered snow blowers and remote start vehicles so their truck is warm when they get outside!

We have come a long way and our expectation have also changed!

Wildwood at Strathcona is another major step forward in the area evolving into an all season community. Wildwood offers buyers a four-season home that opens onto Strathcona Park. Wildwood promises the same things that Mount Washington offered for so many years- a new recreational home opportunity that truly gives buyers a four-season choice. Wildwood even has flush toilets- I have seen them!

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