Dec 1, 2002 | Marmot, Winter 2002

The View From Here

There is still great value if you are considering a purchase.

Just ask Rick Gibson, our resident expert, “While I don’t see prices heading downward, I also don’t see them skyrocketing either. Sellers are smart. They know that if they raise their prices too high, they won’t sell.” But he adds with a certain amount of caution, “However, it’s only a matter of time before the basic laws of supply and demand kick in.” Since he has the most properties for sale on the mountain and is one of the extremely few who could fully explain how ownership works on Mount Washington (in full detail), Rick Gibson is naturally the realtor to provide the most concise information regarding real estate on the mountain. “Even the big boys come to me with questions.” Rick laughs. “I appear to be the resident expert.”

And he’s right. While Rick also works extensively in the Comox Valley, it’s the mountain he comes home to at night. Although he’s quick to correct that, “No, it’s Julia I come home to. She just happens to be on the mountain too.”

The internet has opened up a whole new world for real estate on the mountain. “I get inquiries from all over the world,” Rick explains, ” Right now I’m running at well over 100,000 hits and over 2000 distinct visits per month on my web site.” He proudly displays his web stats, which show inquiries from Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Poland, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark and even China. And this list is not nearly complete. ” I’m amazed at how international our market has become,” says Rick. ” It’s almost as if people are looking for an alternative to the Whistler’s high class resort and finding it in Mount Washington. After all, we are known to be a more family oriented mountain. It’s like comparing gourmet food to good old home cooking. There’s a place for both in this world. Not everyone needs to eat gourmet every night. Some people prefer the pleasures of home cooking.”

Asked if he’s been to Whistler, Rick laughs, “Are you kidding? Of course we have. It’s just that we go in the summer when we can hike. If we want snow, we stay home.” And having said that, Rick looks toward the sky. ” And it’s going to start snowing soon.”

When I push him for an exact date, Rick answers “Monday.” As he is with real estate, Rick was right. The flakes began falling Monday night.

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